Unofficial Dewey’s Golden Jubilee

May 7-9 and Sept 24-26.

It is with great sadness we share the news of the passing of Miss Clavel at Dewey”s Golden Jubilee on May 8. In her memory we have set up a fund-raiser in her memory to support the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Click here to donate and THANK YOU!

Due to Covid, our events will be different this year. We’ll still be gathering, unofficially, as before,  but with no emcee, announcements, raffles, etc.  That said it will be a lot more relaxing, come and to on your own schedule and just enjoy the beach and beautiful towns of Dewey and Rehoboth.  Check out this page for the previous gathering times. 

 Watch this FACEBOOK video for a taste of a Jubilee

The Jubilee is still a great way to celebrate the Golden Retriever AND support Morris Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

Previous years brought close to 400 goldens running blissfully free on the beach, chasing tennis balls and swimming together in the surf. A bit of Heaven for everyone to witness! That will not change!

The organized registration, raffles, prizes, games, etc. will be discontinued.  Check out our schedule for meet-up times..

The event is all about enjoying our furry goldens for some fun in the sun on Dewey’s dog-friendly beaches. It is a time set aside to spend quality time with our precious goldens and meet others who share the same passion for the amazing breed!  And it’s free.

We encourage you to support the GRLS  (Golden Retriever Lifetime Study). 

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is one of the largest, most comprehensive prospective canine health studies in the United States. The Study’s purpose is to identify the nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and genetic risk factors for cancer and other diseases in dogs. Each year, with the help of veterinarians and dog owners, the Foundation collects health, environmental and behavioral data on 3,000+ enrolled golden retrievers.

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UPDATE: (Jan, 21) We do still have some  Teddy the Dog Gold Rush Attire available: Contact Kim for info.

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