Tips for having fun

Saturday Beach Romp

The day of the beach event is amazing but a bit crazy.

  • Bring WATER for your dog(s)
  • If you want to bring chairs and an umbrella try to set early and close to the dunes and at least a street away from VanDyke.
  • Since we are permitted off-lead and if you are concerned about losing track of your pup, you may want to wear a bright colored bandana around your dog’s collar.
  • Be careful of dogs who love to dig. Sore pads can happen quickly.
  • Be sure your pooch does not drink too much salt water. Bring fresh water for them with you.

The Bonfire 

  • Bring chairs or blanket to sit and relax on
  • Dog collars with lights or light tags are great.
  • If you want to toast marshmallows, feel free to bring them along with sticks to do it. Just remember there will be some pups off lead looking for munchies
  • This is more relaxed than the afternoon, especially in the fall. Most keep their dogs on leash since it is dark.

Welcome to the happiest event in Dewey – enjoy ??

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