Miss Clavel – gone too soon

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Sadly Miss Clavel passed away while playing happily on May 8, during our Spring Dewey’s Golden Jubilee. Here is what a family friend, Kaitlin Thomas Englebert, shared about this previous girl who is gone far too soon.

From Facebook:
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Hello everyone,
I wanted to mention a few things after meeting with Clavel’s truly AMAZING family.

  • This was Clavel’s second Golden Jubilee. Clavel’s Mom said Clavel was SO excited. The first time she went, she kept running around and would come back to her Mom and Dad after awhile and look at them like “Is this real?! I love this place!”
  • Her name comes from Miss Clavel in the notorious Madeline books. Such a great name!
  • Her Mom and Dad said she was the PERFECT golden, so perfect in fact, she was the first dog they have allowed to snuggle in bed with them. 🥰
  • Her Mom got the orange ball prior to the jubilee so Clavel wouldn’t get sand in her mouth. They’re so thankful to have it back, a big thank you to Tracie Amey for helping me get it back to them.
  • Clavel has a golden doodle sibling and best friend, Willow, and two human siblings (Molly Serfass) who will miss her terribly.
  • Beth Pardoe Serfass and her husband want everyone to know how thankful they are for everyone’s support and help today. Especially to the nurses and Jubilee attendees who tried everything they could to help Clavel.
  • Thank you to our friend and fellow dog lover Jimmy O’Conor and Woody’s Dewey Beach for giving Clavel the spotlight she deserves today.
    As we talked, and cried, there was still so much happiness and joy. The fact Clavel was in such an amazing place surrounded by dogs and people who LOVE dogs is so special. The way that an event like this can make us all stop, and be grateful for what we have and how our Golden community has come together to surround them in thoughts, prayers, and love, it is really, really special. ❤️
    I will reach out to the group after the weekend about a plan to memorialize Clavel.