2016 Jubilees

May 13-15, 2016 and Sept 30 – Oct 2

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Fall pics
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Thank you all for making the 2016 Dewey Golden Jubilee Season a safe, fun and joyful one. I personally appreciate everyone’s understanding during the fall event for my being a bit ‘off’. Coming to Dewey for a two-week vacation with four precious goldens but returning with only three and resting on the front seat beside me is something we hope no one will have have to endure.



Max (6/1/07 – 10/2/16)

It was a very difficult weekend for our family as our oldest golden declined rapidly and we had to make that oh-so-hard decision to let him go. Our precious 9 yr old Max did get to play on the beach earlier in the week, swim in the bay and ‘walk’ on the boardwalk in his sissy’s doggie stroller. Rainy days gave us precious bonding time. He had an ice cream sandwich while resting on my lap just before we let him go. DGJ’s will never be quite the same without our dear little “Mackey”.  Max  was the life of our party. (the sweetie in the vest below from previous year).